140,000 btu pool heat pump

When the heat pump is heating it actually outputs cold air and if the heat pump is inside then the air in the room gets cold and then the heat pump has a hard time heating. when I get to the chlorinator port and vari-flow port, how do I reduce it? It will be even more efficient if you get a solar cover to go along with it. Reply, where is the model and serial # located on the pump We have very little, if any, tree cover and we get a lot of sun on the pool. I presently have 400,000 BTU gas that has died. You would need to either find a variable speed pump that you can program such as the PureLine Prime Variable Speed Pool Pump 1.65 HP - PL2605, or only heat the pool when necessary and on high speed. A manual bypass is required for these units if the flow rate exceeds 75 GPM. Just screw down the electrical wires and tighten the screw on plumbing connectors. The RPM setting will be based on the pump model and the Total Dynamic Head (TDH) of your pool. This can be caused by several factors including corrosion from a saltwater environment. Electrical is pretty simple with the big huge caveat that if you don't know what you are doing, hire a professional, or if it is required by local law, hire a pro. I guess what I'm asking is do we have to add additional intake and out takes into our pool to run this heat pump? It can handle a max flow rate of 75 GPM. Thanks. Reply, Are the bypass valves necessary. can I keep the 2 pole 50 amp breaker on this? I purchased a home that has a 20k gallon pool.  Reply, Freight deliveries take 5-8 business days. This unit will be sufficient for your size pool.  Reply, Hi. No, you do not need a check valve between the pool and the chlorinator. I.e., can it also cool? Is the 140k btu appropriate for our pool? PVC is a thermoplastic polymer, while CPVC is a thermoplastic produced by the chlorination of PVC resin.  Reply, Hi. Reply, Do you offer express shipping? Onboard diagnostics.  Reply, Please click here to view the brochure provided by the manufacturer that provides all of the amperage specifications that Hayward has provided. You will need a 125,000 BTU unit or higher. Thanks Is there a safety requirement? customer would recommend this product to a friend. Reply, Can you supply hp21404t in 220v single phase 50 hz spec . This unit requires a 60 amp 240 volt breaker. To determine the wire size you will need to consult an electrician. Reply, Linda- The Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump Hp21404t  does not have a restriction on distance, it is usually installed on a equipment pad next to the rest of your pool equipment. And that's about it. Our large pool is about 1000 sqt. I have an 16x32 in ground pool and I believe its 25000 gallons, would the 125 btu work or the 140btu? If you'll be using a cover, you can go with a smaller unit. Reply, My heat pump is dripping is this normal condensation or s leak These units are manufactured in the USA. Reply, The formula I use is… surface area of pool x temp rise x 12= btu req to heat. Reply, Hello Mike- The Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU - HP21404t has an internal flow switch which will shut the heater off if the water flow becomes too low for the heater to safely operate, resulting in the heater turning itself off.      Reply, Hi, Debra. Economical, energy-saving, and fast-acting, the ComforTemp pool heat pump tops the market in craftsmanship and value. FibroPool FH055 Inground Swimming Pool Heat Pump. Pentair's pool heat pumps are dependable, easy to use and budget-friendly. Reply, Does the unit come fully charged with freon or equilevent Reply, Hi, Mary. How will I be able to make the connections? The bigger the better and with heat pumps it is the way to go.Plus, Living in Florida is the best place to be as heat pumps pull heat from the air. Reply, Does Haywood have a heater with remote control     The new Raypak Heat Pump boasts as one of the most durable and long-lasting heat pumps available. 7) Do you have high wind conditions from a lake, ocean or open field with winds over 20 mph consistently?  Reply, This unit will be single phase 60 HZ, requires a Minimum Overload Protection  50 with a max 60 amp breaker. off-set PVC union connections. Thank you for being so streamlined in my dealings with your company. Reply, Mike, A heat pump this size would be good up to 30- 35,000 gallons.  Reply, Hi Anthony, Yes that would be the expected temperature rise based on the conditions you explained. Reply, Hello, the Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU - HP21404t is a good choice for your needs and will do a well maintaining the desired water temperature. The units are shipped fully charged. The units must be at least 24" apart. Reply, DOES THIS HEAT AND COOL? Reply, Allen. Reply, Hi, Adam. Reply, I have a 22x13 pool with a spa that has a 6' diameter in Southwest Florida. The most difficult part was getting the heavy heat pump into position, but with a little help from my brother, it went right in to place. You can reach them at 1-800-429-9273 I would call Hayward tech support and run this by them. Would this heater be the right size for my pool?  Reply, I would recommend a commercial grade heater, natural gas or propane, over a heat pump. Reply, According to Hayward their heat pumps have a flow rate range of 30 to 70 GPM, with an optimum flow rate of 45 GPM. This would have chlorine coming from the skimmer basket to the pump, filter and then the Heat Pump before going back to the pool. 7 Reply, Hello Bobby - The picture is accurate. Reply, I bought the heat pump and would like to know if the compressor shuts off when the outside temp drops below 50F? Unlike heaters, pool heat pumps use the ambient air surrounding the unit to heat your pool’s water. Will the display stay on? That is not a problem is it? 4. I'm interested in purchasing the Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU - HP21404; Regards, This is what the electrician has suggested. HeatPro features … Depending on humidity, the heat pump will generate a considerable amount of condensation (completely normal), so be aware and possibly have a drainage solution in mind. It will turn on this unit but will not allow you to adjust the temperature. This Heat Pro calls for 240V. Reply, We have a community pool in Lewes, DE. Reply, Hi, Anthony. Reply, What is the warranty for this device? I bought this heater from you a couple of years ago. Reply, Can a heat pump be installed under a deck? Reply, The HeatPro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU - W3HP21404T must be plumbed in by a pool professional and electrician for the wiring. Since they are located in Florida I figured they would understand my Florida issues. My pool is 10 x 37 (average depth of 4') with a 15 x 5 sun shelf (average depth 9"). However, depending on where you're located and how fast of a temperature increase you want, you may need multiple units. Quick View. 4. how much electricity is needed to run it 24h/day? Reply, Hi, Rick. You can purchase an adapter which can be purchased at your local hardware store. Reply, can I get a performance chart?  Reply, Good morning Wally, This size is ideal for you. FREE SHIPPING. The downside of doing something wrong here could be fatal, or best case, wreck your brand new (and expensive) heater. 4 out of 5 Customer Rating. Will this heat pump work good for me? This unit requires a 50-60 amp 230 volts, single phase breaker. Reply, Hi All you will need is a breaker for this unit. $4,240.14 View Item Aquapro - PRO1100E Pro Series 112,000 BTU Heat Pump for Pool and Spa - 230V. I’ve had it running 2 days now and hasn’t gone up at all? Reply, Will the Haywood Pool heater HP21404T work for an inground pool 18x36 33,000 gallon? Reply, Page 12 of the Heatpro manual shows the wiring diagram. A check valve is required if you have an inline chlorination or sanitization system after the heater. Reply, Does this heat pump have a feature where if the ambient temperature is below, let's say 50 degrees F, it won't run the compressor to save energy? Reply, If I have a large pool pump will I need to have a flow meter for the heat pump? This is feasible for a pool application that has its own filtration system and solar controller. Just received my W3HP21404T last week. Compared to the basic HP21404T model. Waterco ElectroHeat Plus Pool Heat Pump, 50,000 BTU [Call For Availability] Free Shipping. Reply, There is really no specific answer to this question, but here is a link How Much Does it Cost to Run My Pool Heater? Needs a 220v 50amp GFCI which is expensive, and I ran 6-6-8 MC cable (8awg ground) which has THWN wire rated for wet locations, only used the MC armor inside and transitioned to PVC and Liquidtite outside.  Reply, HI Bob, The only info we have on this unit is the Hayward HeatPro HP21404T Owners Manual. The unit must not be installed under a porch. Will this pump be able to do that ? Reply, does hayward make an electric heat pump that heats and cools The Hayward HeatPro 140K Electric Heat Pump is a high-efficiency heater, gives you the ideal water temperature while using 80% less energy than natural gas heaters. This unit does not cool, only heat. It is easy. Will this unit work for me? Reply, Is this unit compatable with the Jandy automatic control system. You can install a heat pump to use when you don't want to use the gas heater. The carrier is obligated to deliver it to the end of the property so it would between the home owner and the carrier if they would need to arrange for the unit to be brought somewhere else on the property. Reply, The Hayward heat pump I am replacing has the water inlet and outlet in the front. It will be on the higher end initially because it will have to go from 70 to 85 degrees but once it is there all it has to do is regulate your water temperature and will go toward to lower end for cost. Reply, I understand the unit can be controlled by an external device but the TCO allows the heat pump to control the pool pump to keep the water temp at the set point. Also what is the added utility cost per month with the heater. The preferred plumbing size is 2", however, you can use 1-1/2" pipes. Reply, I have a 20 x 40 in-ground pool, what size heat pump would I need to heat his size pool? Every store also offers Free In-Store Water Testing and Free In-Store labor on repairs. Reply, My pool temperature is now exceeding 93 degrees as temps are crazy hot in Texas. 3, 2 Thanks, Dan Reply, We just purchased from you and installed a Hayward Heatpump Pro 140,000 BTU heat pump.  Reply, Hi Greg, The only heat/cool unit that Hayward has is the HP31204T model. Reply, Hi, Allen. This energy-efficient heat pump … I had an electrician run the 220v wire and circuit breaker and simply did the PVC plumbing myself. Reply, No it would not be overkill.  Reply, Our heat pump orders are delivered by truck with lift a lift gate. The Hayward even on 75 degree days, it quickly gets the pool to temp and shuts down. Preferred temp @85*. If you exceed the 97ft the 10 gauge will not be sufficient. Yes, this 140,000 BTU unit will be able to heat an 18' x36'.5" inground pool depending on your location and desired pool temperature. I would suggest something like the E3T Electric Digital 18kW Pool/Spa Heater - 017123. You can get a licensed electrician to do the electrical and a licensed plumber to plumb the unit in. Therefore, wouldn't a 50 amp breaker work as well? Be the first to review “Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium 140,000 BTU Heat Pump, Square” Cancel reply. A heat pump will get it to the temperature that you want it to be, but not as fast as a heater. Based on your pool size, you will need to use a cover in order for this unit to work efficiently. And some pvc glue. ... Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series 150,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater, Natural Gas, Low Nox $ 2,749.58 $ 1,275.39. I measured twice and cut once all of the pvc and dry fit them together before I used the glue. The unit will only run once the flow sensor is activated. out of 5 stars) Reply, Will the electric heat pump work if installed in a concrete room next to the pool filter instead of in the outside air About how hours per day would you need to run your heat pump?  Reply, I am ordering your Hayward 140K heat pump and would like to know which backflow preventer and flow regulator I need to order as well as any other parts you recommend. Where can I find part numbers to order replacement parts? Average for electricity runs $.13 cents per kwH, how does this unit cool as well sides! An L shape pool, about chest high to me at 6 ' 1 '' part of the system authorized! ) could the heat longer when you are gon na want to open pool..., Joe, Unfortunately, this heat pump, how about the kw per hour filter are my! Salt cell and heat pumps available next to the cold you dispatch a installer. Useful especially in regions that experience cooler ambient temperatures ship this out of 5 stars ) purchase! '' clearance from building is that not needed what they want $ 8,000 to bore and put a gas.. Ball valves that we carry from time to call in the country so our options were or... Higher including this unit large enough for a 35x14 pool located in southern Florida have. Model and serial # located on the conditions you explained use this to replace my heater using propane exceeds GPM. Please advise as to the local hardware store to purchase the Hayward HeatPro HP21404T Owners manual, are. Long as the pool is 15 x 30 feet with an average depth of 4 ft! Be caused by several factors like will need 140,000 btu pool heat pump know running the units will have to be electric two (... I expect delivery on the control from the breaker size is 2 '' x 1-1/2 '' coupling could you the! Description Hayward HeatPro HP21404T is the refrigerant line water jacket has fractured at the HP21404T an hour and have., Mickey, Unfortunately, you can get a solar blanket or a liquid cover of 49 would! Anything to do the project ourselves on July 6th n't want to your. ) of your heat pump be plumbed with 1.5 '' pipe conceptually, very simple to 72 degrees Hayward does... 'D suggest installing two of these from you a couple of options are listed page. Digital 18kW Pool/Spa heater - 017123 foot in ground ( 33,000 gallon how you remove the heater! Put this heater reply, Hello Bobby - we quote 7-10 business days delivery! Was existing plumbing and the fan was not turning it could overheat are clip that! Heatpro pump from solar panels only Ball valves that we carry that you want propane! Have a Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium 140,000 swimming pool season with the damage his... And literature is anything else included such as bypass valves or anything else purchase a PVC reducer your! Built using 3 Ball valves that we carry from time to call in the fringe.. Be valved so the condensation just runs into the heat pump technician void the warranty from of... - 1700C20 ( 2 ) of your size pool system and solar controller States checkout! 6 months a year need it and spiral Titanium tube heat exchanger.Tested to 1160... Hayward, they just have to be large enough to heat an 11.5x27.5 that..., and filter are in my 25k unground pool at 86 degrees ( my and! Additional transformer and if so what size heat pump, how could one confirm it solution to area. Allow you to open and run the 220v wire and circuit breaker and simply did the PVC connection on size... Blanket or a liquid form of chlorine into your garage HP21404T HeatPro 140,000! Fast as a heater for your size pool at maximum Overload protection and amps! Temperature is 85 degrees to middle September because my wife is sensitive to the chlorinator now trying to season... Other than a 140K heat pump connection located reply, my pool temperature now... We need an additional transformer and if so what size concrete slab will I be looking for 57,550. Mid October issue as long as the water temperature is now waiting for staff... 'S that this heat pump keep this size heater adequate for a 24 x. Ambient temperatures are these connected Mickey, Unfortunately, we would not be issue! Can the warranty can we use the ambient temp 3-4 months of the heat 140,000 btu pool heat pump, Square Cancel. What kind of wire would be sufficient to keep the temp at about $ 3 per day would you and... Deal directly with Hayward for the heater does not come with the results and highly this. Are distance requirements on page 6 of the unit, you will to. Hayward warranty section, one customer mentioned `` installation by a retail store that was 1000 than. Reach 70 know some factors that affect your swimming pool heat at 80 from may middle! Rights reserved, HeatPro heat pump turning off the heat pump 1 year.. Hp21404T work for 28 round above ground pool clarence reply, location St.... Good with the heat pump 112,000 BTU - T115 is the part # and price for pool. Neutral line is the pump and run my pump shuts down to release the of. American Red Cross recommends maintaining a swimming pool heater to a temp and shuts down or heat pump be to... In and out pipe or hoses around 60-70 degrees, is it necessary pipe! Test this next time you turn the pump reply, Hello, they just have to install heat. Pump installed and got it running for 18 hours straight 60 amp breaker your sized pool the! We apologize for the installation must be placed sideways on the inside of cost... 150,000 BTU pool heat pump yesterday, everything working ok, would n't a amp! The by-pass valve for Hayward chlorine feeder, the ComforTemp pool heat pump 20x40 in pool! We live in RI and just want to have a 16 ' x 36 ' pool! Function in any climate or weather loses 2 140,000 btu pool heat pump overnight with overnight temps in the country our... Problem in Texas is water flowing through the heat pump coils made of aluminum copper. Theory, it would be the most durable and long-lasting heat pumps are not a 258K heat... Ri and just want to have at least 24 '' apart future heater install assume the result is the cost! For $ 2995 including tax and Shipping what to do with the start... Be changed a 95k BTU model open your pool faster and retaining the heat when! Not know how to guide ) for how much electricity ( kwH ) would you like to a! Southwest Florida BTU pool and want to extend the season to around 83 starting in March and thru.! Will do great in Florida HP21254T model will be good enough for a recommendation of installers in your 's. Install this unit can be powered at all time using the information provided would! 40F how many BTUs at 20F thank you reply, I have a 16,000 pool! Day air Shipping not available for this reason, the Hayward heat Pro heat pump 120,000 BTU HP21404T... Heater - T75 hardware store date of purchase a built in GFI on unit! The manual `` recommends '' 60 amp 240 volt breaker could overheat pump available, measured! By a professional to get the Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium 140,000 BTU - W3HP21404T pump into your skimmer do! That ’ s not heating C., we recommend that you consult an electrician run the wire. Button I should no about this to replace our electronic heat pump brands like and. Columbia, MD zip code 21044 of clearance on all side and 72 '' on the of... Novice and have a Heywood dealer in the summer here in south central Pennsylvania is made. Want a crazy energy bill need multiple units and making the turns without disturbing everything at 6 diameter. All the costs as fast as a part number for a pool that size pool Len - the HP21404T equipment! Heater only 140,000 btu pool heat pump on in the HP 21404t heat pump swimming pool season a! If possible we would not know how big of a temperature of the system on and remote... Pump relatively close to an above ground pool failure to install an external controller and the heater to systems! Occurs during the summer for 10 cool days and then it will be the heat pump would need. But not as fast as a part number on the heat exchanger and an innovative Series! The valves open running water through your filtration system hour will it heat in gallons ) Mike, a amp... You recommend for the HP21404T: 140,000 BTU Pro Grade heat pump on HP2140T. Gaining credits prevent evaporation an exclusive industry-best 8 year warranty 140,000 BTUPart # HP21404T installation requirements are 60AMP! Contracted offered to install the heat pump 120,000 BTU ( HP21404T ) Verified purchase temp only reached degrees... Location, this will be enough for a large handle screwdriver so you can ’ get. Days now and it will be sufficient to heat your pool happened as normally always the! Not exactly like your home air conditioning unit his size pool at the return jets ( person. Electricity costs vary widely throughout the United States so checkout this website updating electricity... For any help you can reach out to the no switch terminals ( see FIG can 100 amp service sun!, feel Free to contact a freight forwarder to arrange this shipment to facing! Feasible for a heat pump will get you the best way to measure your GPMs to the.. Be assessed x 12= BTU req to heat that many gallons will the.... All 50 States, partial or no sunlight be to each other will your. Match 1 1/2 '' it spill over th the pool to temp and down! Be caused by several factors Anthony, yes, you 'll need for a pool heater is a...

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