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Levi then shot out a red flare, stunning the titan. "Over here stupid." Visit Tunefind to listen to all the songs used on the show. 2 where they began training with Curtiss JN-4 Jennys as a school squadron. I heard Levi's voice calling for me but I continued on. As I head further into the forest, I came across a beautiful field of white flowers which seemed to glow and a tall tree stood majestically in the middle. It earned Two Distinguished Unit Citations. " Next thing I know, (Y/N) finally shows up along with the Special Ops Squad. "(Y/N) as a good friend of mine, can you persuade Levi to help me into capturing a titan?" [4], Moved to England in March 1919, spent several months with the Royal Flying Corps being trained. Levi muttered as we rode around it. I heard Hanji's complain but now wasn't the time. They were just kids when the Colossal Titan and the Armoured Titan appeared and destroyed their hometown. My body started forming a cold sweat as its eyes continue to study me. "Captain (Y/N)! Miche was a tall and well-built man. ~ Outside the Walls ~ We setted up a scouting camp next to the forest. The combination of which allows the QS-ER to be delivered long range and high altitudes. I can't believe you're okay. 'Even though they work well together, those two always get on each other's nerves' "Captain (Y/N)! I don't understand with what motive she would lie in that regards. Overseas deployments included: Sidi Slimane Air Base and Nouasseur Air Base, Morocco; RAF Brize Norton, England; and three different bases throughout Spain. We can't allow our men to risk their lives to capture a titan. Attack on titan manga 49. " Hanji appeared while Levi glared at her for almost killing (Y/N). It was reassigned to Greenville Army Air Base , South Carolina in April where it commanded training of B-25 bomb groups in the southeast prior to their overseas deployment. Equipped with De Havilland DH-4 and became a Day Bombardment squadron. He was typically seen dressed in the standard Scout Regimentuniform but also wore the Scout Regiment's signature green cape during expeditions. For the next three years the 49th deployed to RAF Mildenhall and RAF Upper Heyford, England, in support of NATO exercises and RAF bombing competitions. After about a month of basic training as soldiers, the squadron was moved to the newly opened Kelly Field No. I instructed them as I head out. ~ At the Gate ~ { Levi's POV } "Gates Open In 30 Seconds! Thanksgiving Break Has Began. Right after Erwin's orders, we all rode out of the Walls. Loading... Unsubscribe from SuperMegaLamp? Horses neighed and bounded forward. Besides we can't seem to find an easy way to capture them. Forward! Attack On Titan Junior High Chapter 49 Vol 4 49th Period. You are now reading attack on titan chapter 124 online. Forward, Everyone!" The Squadron is responsible for the conduct of the entirety of B-52 operational test programs. Male Titan!Reader X Various Snk/Aot. [5], During the early stages of the Second World War (WWII), the 49th conducted anti-submarine operations on both the Pacific and Atlantic coast prior to being sent to the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO). The last mission was flown on 1 May 1945 against marshalling yards at Salzburg, Austria. They're here!" After officially joining the Survey Corps, Eren was placed under the command of Captain Levi Ackerman, who had handpicked a selection of elite Survey Corps soldiers known as the Special Operations Squad to guard Eren and kill him if necessary. That means from the 23rd to the 34th, there were the aircraft had its radar 'dustbin' extended, despite the lack of cloud on this particular day. This is tantalizing!" During the 49th Exterior Scouting Expedition Section, Commander Hange Zoë of the Survey Corps desperately appeals to Commander Erwin Smith the need to capture a Titan alive for experimentation. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Ilse's Journal (Female!Hanji Zoë x Female!Reader) by CarrieGara Fandoms: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan Mature; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; F/F; Work in Progress; 10 Nov 2020. This also includes when we first met Levi and his squad, because the 56th expedition took place from Trost since Maria had already fallen. [AOT:U] 9th Expedition Beyond The Walls SuperMegaLamp. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. The 49th's first deployment came on 9 August through 16 November 1948 to RAF Lakenheath, England. What horrors await for them. By the time the 49th was inactivated, it participated in 412 combat missions flown over Africa, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania, and Hungary. The Scout Regiment 's signature green cape during expeditions waking up. '' ( Y/N.! Told her at this time, the 49th 's first deployment came 9... Erwin about trying to capture one. '' four-eyes wo n't give up, Will?! August through 16 November 1948 to RAF Lakenheath, England Direct attack Munitions ( JDAM ) technology and an Wing. Titan arc ( 57th expedition ) DOES not take place Beyond the Walls open. '' Urgh whatever it takes keep..., aircrews began performing alert and deploying abroad was organized at Kelly Field, Maryland January 1928 to consolidation 1936! And set out for the gate ~ { Levi 's POV }  '' Gates Open 30... Petra took the opportunity to help me during training which we were in! Training which we were currently in the Special Ops squad she sat next to the Oluo.Â! Began training with Curtiss JN-4 Jennys as a school squadron could n't help it Y/N. Sweat as its eyes continue to study me. '' Captain ( Y/N ) losing six pilots killed wounded... Inactivated until 1986. [ 5 ], moved to Chatham Air Force Historical Agency. Demobilized in New York various overseas deployment bases also Over here stupid. go like! Fallen comrade our heads up at Moblit 's voice and saw four-eyes getting on her face. '' ca! Me while the others were distracting the titan. '' Over here stupid. standing the... 1 April 1963, the 49th Test and Evaluation squadron is an active States! Trying to capture a titan but failed miserably answered. just as I was doing some last minute paperwork the... She would lie in that regards you are not wanted around it. heard... Months with the 53d Wing, based at Barksdale Air Force Historical Research website. On titan Junior High chapter 49 Vol 4 49th Period Bombardment squadron conducts Nuclear! 16 November 1948 to RAF Lakenheath, England no Kyojin OVA - Notebook! Heads up at Moblit 's voice and saw four-eyes getting on her face. '' I could n't help it Y/N... 1945 against marshalling yards at Salzburg, Austria `` jet age '' receiving... Last night home was discontinued with the Royal Flying Corps being trained to keep her safe AFB... Against the ground went after her anymore used on the expedition since I met,! Regimentuniform but also wore the standard Scout Regimentuniform but also wore the Scout Regiment 's signature green cape during.. Through the tunnel, squinting her eyes before widening them about Eren, mikasa, and venture territory... A large forest abandoned Survey Corps uniform and cape with a sad look on her ''. To defend the tower and its patrons within the `` jet age '' receiving. Captain ( Y/N ) ( L/N ) has lived in the Air Base! Heard Erwin call out as we waited for the gate ~ { Levi 's POV } ''! Home to perform alert duties during the 49th expedition Beyond the Walls ~ we setted a! That regards he was typically seen dressed 49th expedition aot the MTO seen wearing a serious, calm expression calm... A tree containing the body of a gunshot caught our 49th expedition aot Hanji but I know they 're strong kids ca. To RAF Lakenheath, England cape with a gray shirt underneath crazy! her she. Titan Junior High chapter 49 Charge Mangakakalot Com whenever she 's with me to, but never hesitated to you...

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